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Team Doctor

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Team Doctor - Part of Doctor Who Land
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Welcome; this is a sub-community of drwholand where you are sorted into teams and play challenges against each other. To apply to join a team, please head to the main community.

Important for you:
~ Please join all Subcommunitys if you want to join the Challenges. If you haven't join the Challengecommunitys you can't join the Challenges and earn Points for the Team.
Sub-Committees are:
station_5 for the Gamechallenges
platform_1 for the Graphicchallenges
dw_thelibrary for the Writingchallenges
theleisurehive for Meeting new Friends and other Non-Challenge Things
~ Please enter the Challenges. You can earn Points for the Team. Special Posts for Help are in this Community too.
~ First comes your Reallife and then comes this Community, but if you are a Member please try to make the Challenges.

If you have Questions:
You can find a FAQ and Rule Post in the Linklist of this Community. If you have a Question and you can't find the Answer in this Post feel free and ask.

For new Teammembers:
Feel free and post a little Intropost in the Community
Feel free and post your Birthdaydate in a Comment or please send me a short Message if you are interesting in a special Birthdaypost ;)
Quizzes and other social Things are very welcome here

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